Information for doctors

A solitary functioning kidney can lead to hyperfiltration damage of the glomeruli, which causes hypertension and/or albuminuria before a decline in eGFR is visible. Therefore, we advise yearly follow-up on blood pressure and urinalysis on proteinuria. Furthermore, evaluation of renal function and repeated ultrasound are recommended every five years (see also Schreuder MF, Pediatr Nephrol 2018;33:595-604). In case of elevated blood pressure and/or proteinuria, we advise yearly follow-up of renal function.

No specific lifestyle measures are needed for children with SFK. There is no need for dietary restrictions, although we advise to be modest with salt intake. There is no restriction on sports, although renal contusion/damage can cause problems. Subsequently, we recommend not to participate in collision sports such as boxing.

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